About Me

Samantha Jenkins is Ficus Holistic Doula Services. Graduating from Pacific Rim College’s Certified Holistic Doula Program in Victoria B.C as well as StillBirthday University Birth and Bereavement Doula Program, she is trained in Acupressure, Thai Massage, Yoga-therapy, Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Family Relationships.

The ability to grow and nurture a life has always fascinated me. My  eyes have always been drawn to new life and the energy it can bring to any one surrounding it. From pregnancy to postpartum periods, I always find myself asking what I can do to support the lifestyles of parents around me.. So I became a Holistic Doula Practitioner. From finding information in books or online to creating the safe space for parents to express deep emotion, I support the individual needs of each birth journey by providing strength, love and understanding.



Samantha Jenkins- Holistic Doula Practitioner

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A doula diary with tips, tricks, recipes and comfort surrounding pregnancy and child birth.

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