Humming to the Tune of the Rising Sun

Summer Solstice— a time for recognizing the empowering sway of accepting and absorbing the radiance of the elements and the changes they bring to our lives. The longest day of the year, the longest day of light.

Summer feels like the first rainfall after a drought. My Mother returns to me with the powerful fire of desire, emotion. The chill of winter is released and replenished with the elements. Dipping into the cool rivers and lakes that show up in abundance—not by fluke, but by the power of healing. They’re filled with minerals and clay to nourish our bones that have been through another cycle. We are always going through cycles, cycles of fire and water, hot and cold, anger and happiness, oblivion and recognition. The rays of the sun flow through the pores of our skin to provide us with the strength to heal ourselves, to recognize our potential. We release the toxins and stressors that have built up over the many months before, we water ourselves with fresh produce—lively in both colour and nutrients and our minds illuminate with the idea of exploration. We accept that we have to make change. We purify. We give thanks.

Summer and all of its glory is upon us.


(my welcoming cake)

There are so many ways to welcome the Summer Solstice. Some like to clean their space, some like to run to the mountains and the streams. Some like to soak up the golden rays. Some of us stay indoors until the sun begins to fall, then we meet the shores of our powerful oceans with flames and song. Whatever you choose to do, may there be space within your soul to heal and recreate. Treat yourself to the ability to be present—love every moment.

One thing is for sure: The changing of this sun is always the quickest to pass. May we all find the space to honour it and honour ourselves and the ones that surround us. We have the ability to change any aspect in our lives to be a more positive and vibrant experience. May the great Sun allow us to see that.

Not everyone has the time to have a full ritual to honour the Summer Solstice, but here are a few smaller ideas to honour the day and the many beautiful days ahead of us.

Put your phone on airplane mode and just be. This present moment is the experience of a lifetime. Talk and observe what is around you and truly appreciate it. There are so many connections and wavelengths in our world that we can experience without technology.

Collect wild berries and flowers. If you have limited experience with identifying plants in your environment, try visiting a community garden. See what is in bloom. Be a part of your surroundings. Savour the sun kissed aroma of what Mother Nature has created—the delicate balance of our soil and the sun giving and taking to nourish all things living.

Dip into the waters surrounding you: Visit the ocean, visit the lake, the river. Sit with your feet in it or completely submerge yourself. I love jumping off a bridge or dock into the water when I don’t know what to expect temperature wise. It feels purifying, invigorating and most of the time breathtaking. Before you go in, set your intention or give thanks. Try wishing something away and wash it out of your being with the nourishing waters in front of you.

If you can’t get to waters, draw yourself a bath or a foot bath. Use Epsom salts and Himalayan sea salts, clay, essential oils or fresh flowers and cleanse yourself. Breathe deeper and feel your stresses leaving your body.

Have a fire. Have a bonfire or light a candle—have the powerful element with you. The flame holds the ability to ignite change within us, so let’s make some changes. Get lost in the flicker of a fire on the beach or set up your room with tea lights. Wish upon this light and set your intentions for the new cycle of the sun and moon. Don’t be afraid to recognize your strengths and weaknesses or the changes that you want to make. The element of fire can be intimidating and both ignoring and approaching issues in our lives can create the same heat. The only thing that is true: Once you begin to work through these issues, the flame will soften and it will feel like a sweet kiss of golden honey—syrupy and comforting. Things will begin to flow and you will feel at ease in your decisions to move forward. I like to write what I am feeling onto a piece of paper and light it on fire as I work through it. I give it the attention it deserves in the present moment and being able to watch it disappear leaves the space it held in my soul with purification.

Release your energy. Cry! Sing! Sway! Shimmy! Run! Dance! Hum! Growl! Howl! Let it all out! Make that space within you to feel present and feel the love and the space to love within you.

And then when the time is right, be calm. Feel the vibration beneath your feet and accept the cycle ahead of you. There will be euphoric times as well as challenging ones, but with the strength of the sun and Mother Earth, we will all sway through them together. Allow the Summer Solstice to kiss your forehead and know that this is the welcoming of our present moment, the welcoming of our lifetime.

With Love, from Ficus.

Ficus Holistic Doula Services

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