2015: The Tides are Turning

Happy New Year! I know I’m a little late on the wishing everyone the best for the beginning of 2015, but as I hoped, this year has been a busy one.

I have been setting my intentions for this new year and oh my have I been busy. From starting the year with postpartum care for a great soul in my life, starting to create a new line of products (just wait, you’ll be in the breast health of your life!) and expanding my learning to becoming one step closer to understanding what it means to be a bereavement doula with StillBirthday, I have been running full force for these past 16 days. I couldn’t ask for more!

When we approach a new year, we all tend to set these resolutions in our minds. For some people, they can really work. For me, I usually defy what I have written down. With the switch of our English language, I now set intentions—daily intentions. Each passing day is a day for shedding and self-growth. Some things that happen in our lives can be barriers, and I am learning how to break my own down and be present. Of course it is important to recognise that the future needs planning (especially if you’re expecting), but taking it one step at a time and truly understanding our movements and emotions towards situations is so important.

Being in the Comox Valley still feels like a new chapter in my life. I am starting to build a community for myself and will work harder to communicate with practitioners in the area. There are so many niche communities here and I would love the opportunity to learn and grow with them. If you are interested in getting together for tea or have me join in on your prenatal classes, the answer is yes. I am hoping to open up and really become part of what it means to live in the valley.

As of January 6th, I accepted a scholarship to StillBirthday University—an online schooling program designed to help doulas, nurses and practitioners open their minds and hearts to properly assist expecting parents through times of loss. This is incredibly important to me. Becoming a bereavement doula is something that I have always wanted to do and with the support of the CarlyMarie Scholarship, I can truly succeed in this area of my life. It is so important to properly assist families when it comes to loss and the differences between each type and experience of pregnancy, grief and mourning.
January 6th was also the date that I started my training at Pacific Rim College in Victoria. What a year I have had since then. The program changed every aspect of my life from how I breathe, how I love, how I react, how I see myself, how I care for others—everything. I have never been part of something that has torn me down (in the best way possible) and brought me closer to myself and what it means to be part of the birth community.

This is just the beginning of what is to come. Every day is a new experience and I cannot wait to grow and learn. I am wishing you all the best for the changing of time to come ahead and for many of you reading this, I hope to be a part of it.

With Love, from Ficus.

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