In the name of Change

There has been a space between this blog entry and the last. I do apologize for the lack of writing but it has been for good reason:

On Tuesday, I went in and got surgery on my foot AND moved to a new town. That’s right, two big things to do in one day. As you know, I lived in Victoria and because I can’t really walk now, I had to move back up to my hometown, Courtenay, to stay with my parents and get some extra help.
So before all of these changes started taking place, I decided to take some time for my friends and I and get some of that nervous energy out of me. To Haida Gwaii, Vancouver, shows around Victoria, Camping at Fairy Lake, Botanical Beach, Sombrio, China Beach, Goldstream Park, eating at all my favourite restaurants and hanging out at the Legion in Sidney. If you’ve been anywhere in Victoria in the past month, I probably also traveled that way. It was an amazing way to use and appreciate the end of summer, my friends and rediscover the love I have for Victoria and the people around me.
During all of this, I said my goodbyes and packed up my belongings to start a new adventure that I still don’t know the outcome of. I could be in the Comox Valley for a few weeks or months, either way I plan to make the best of it.
At this moment in time, I have to choose between walking and carrying anything but I have had one of my closest friends by my side. She has brought so much positivity into this painful time and has been my arms, legs, comfort and soul while I am trying to heal. She also has an extremely adorable Pom who has grown to be the man of my dreams over the past few years.. He doubles as a breathing hot water bottle for my belly.

While I begin to gain my walking abilities again, I am trying to create a space for my doula adventures to grow in the Comox Valley. From meeting moms and practitioners to catching up with people from high school, I want to rediscover this beautiful place that I grew up in and build opportunities for myself as well as others around me. If you are in the Comox Valley and reading this, I would love to get in contact with you to talk birth and your experiences with practitioners in this area. It is time to start making friends! If you are in the Victoria area, I am going to be available to take clients down the road when I can drive but until then I am more than willing to recommend some of my doula sisters to you.


Thank you for listening to my tender moment and I promise to get these blogs going at an average pace now!



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