An Herbal World

Like a lot of people out there, I am a tea drinker. Hot tea, cold tea, tea that has been made into ice cubes, tea that I can add to the bath. Tea tea tea! Between all the flavours and colours in a tea bag are medicinal properties (proper-teas) that can enhance your pregnancy and help your uterus be as strong as it can be. Better yet, there are many herbs you can add into your teas before you get pregnant to give your body a healthy head start. Chances are you will be able to find most of these herbs in the forest, a friend’s back yard or at a local health food shop near you.
There is something so incredibly unique and instinctual about harvesting your own herbs. Having the ability to find and choose your own strength within the many strands of the forest can be a meditative experience.  I want to remind everyone who harvests their own herbs to only take a small of the crop and to stay away from areas with pollution.
I would also like to say that herbs you have enjoyed before you were pregnant can be harmful especially during the first and second trimester. As a good rule of thumb, it is best to avoid herbal medication at the beginning of your pregnancy. As I am not an Herbalist, I do recommend speaking with either your caretaker or an Herbalist in your community to see which herbs are good for you. Each pregnancy is unique, so something that can work for one mother-to-be can be harmful to the next. The best piece of advice I can give is to only take herbs you are comfortable with.
Herbs are meant to provide vital nourishment to our bodies while lifting the spirits. From nerve tonics to uterine tonics, the addition of herbs can truly make a difference in any ones day-to-day life.

photo (8)

The tea below can be used in any trimester:

Floral Forests Maternal Tea:

Nettle 20g
Oat Straw 20g
Lavender 10g
Lemon Balm 20g
Rose petals 10g
Chamomile 20g

During your last trimester, you can add in Red Raspberry leaves to give your uterus extra support for labor.

Raspberry leaves 20g

Let this list of herbs be a starting point for herbs you use in your daily life. Feel free to add in different herbs and flavors like cinnamon bark or fennel seeds or less floral flavors if they are too strong for you.

With love and thanks,


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