And So It Begins!

First, I would like to welcome anyone and everyone to my blog and hope that they find comfort and knowledge on many aspects of the child-bearing years. Second, this is a journey for me as much as it is the reader, and I will always keep it this way. The birthing world will forever be a work in progress as so many people choose to become parents, relatives of new families, medical staff, support staff, scientists, naturalists, and all the other titles that shift and shape the way we view the tree of childbirth and all the branches that come off of it.

My name is Sam Jenkins. I am a Holistic Doula Practitioner located in Victoria, B.C. What is a doula you ask? A doula is means of non-clinical emotional support before, during, and after child-birth. Originating from the Ancient Greek word for “Female Servant,” a doula provides support that respects and nurtures the birthing wishes of the expecting woman. I am an advocate for your birth happening your way. I am here to remind you of your strength and capabilities during such an empowering life event. I am here to encourage your birth partners may that be your parents, your partner, siblings, friends, adoptive family,  children or animals to be comfortable in their roles at the birth and provide them with positive feedback. I am here to be with you and better yet, I want to be with you! I want to nurture and empower your body, mind and spirit.

What’s with the name? Ficus- Commonly known as the collective group of Fig Trees. Fig Trees.. Ficus.. Why would I want this to represent my calling as a doula? Images of this luscious, seedy, strong yet so delicate fruit splash my mind with images of women and the incredibly gifted event that has been graciously presented to them called child-birth. The next time you go to a supermarket, please invest in a handful of fresh or dried figs and observe the intricate world that is sitting in the palm of your hand. Observe the shape and texture—belly like, soft, strong. Then break it open. The fruit itself is stuffed with tiny seeds or.. Are they seeds?fig

The seed-like filling is actually a collection of flowers called an inflorescence which can be seen as the ovaries of the fig. To pollinate the fig, a Queen Fig wasp enters through the figs ostiole, the only opening that the fig provides for pollination, and begins to lay eggs while simultaneously pollinating the fig with the pollen she collected at birth. This process is no easy task for the Fig wasp as she tends to lose her wings and antennae along the way.  After the Queen is done laying her eggs, she provides her body for nourishment within the fig. As her male and female wasps begin to grow and mate, they take on different forms and roles. The male wasp will grow wingless and chew a hole through the fig’s lining to the outside world and then like his mother, provide his body as nourishment for the fig. The female wasp will grow with wings and collect pollen from within her birth fig to go through the hole dug by her male counterpart and find a new fig to start the process all over again. This miraculous cycle continues through every fig.

As women, we hold seeds. With the help of another powerful force, we hear our maternal call to provide a warm, safe environment for the growth of these seeds to become our children. Our adaptable bodies nurture a process that is so unique and honorable much like the figs. It requires work and consciousness and in the end brings us to our amazing birth experience.

So what’s in the name? I think if I had to sum it up, it would look something like this:

Strength, instinct, courage, love, birth, nourishment, sacrifice, ecstasy, support, mothers and off spring.


Thank you for taking the time to read my very first post! I hope you find the time to sit with the thought of my words and see where your imagination can take you.

Samantha Jenkins- Holistic Doula Practitioner

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